Are Treehouse Attachment Bolts the same as Garnier Limbs?
Questions about Garnier Limbs

Do you sell Garnier Limbs?

We do not sell garnier limbs. "Garnier Limb" is a registered trademark of another party that is not affiliated with this website and does not endorse it in any way. You're probably on this page because you have noticed that our Treehouse Attachment Bolts look similar to garnier limbs. However, The manufacturing process and the specs are different. We are proud of our top quality treehouse bolts and believe they are the best products on the market!

The fasteners originally called garnier limbs (pre-trademark) were developed in the late 1990s. The original idea to use the collared bolt for treehouse building came from Jonathan Fairoaks, an arborist. Michael Garnier and Charley Greenwood made significant improvements upon this original idea to make it hold more weight and make it cost less to manufacture. Our TABs are based upon early published designs by Charley Greenwood, and further modified by Dan Wright of Tree Top Builders, Inc. The treehouse realm owes them all a debt of gratitude for their original inspiration, development, and refinement of the TABs in use today because we have safer treehouses and healthier trees as a result.

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