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Treehouse Attachment Bolts (TABs)

In today's treehouse industry, the most efficient and practicable way to hold heavy loads in live trees are treehouse attachment bolts. If you're looking to build a professional looking project that can hold thousands to tens of thousands of pounds among the trees, these are the way to go.

All of our bolts are made right here in Pennsylvania, USA and we are proud to stand behind their quality. They have been personally approved by industry leading engineers when tree houses required permits and are easy to install, requiring little to no maintenance for years to come.

All of our TABs are heat treated, use 4140 high strength-to-weight ratio steel and are based upon the original design specifications by Greenwood Engineering in the Stud Tree Fastener (STF) diagram. We carry both bead blasted / powder coated TABs, as well as untreated TABs to accommodate for your needs and budget.

Please watch our video for a quick introduction to our TABs and the necessary steps for their installation.

Please note that only 1¼" brackets will work with TABs!

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Treehouse Attachment Bolt 1x6 HP Treehouse Attachment Bolt 1x9 HP Treehouse Attachment Bolt 3x9 HP
Treehouse Attachment Bolt - Original Size (Small) Powder Coated Treehouse Attachment Bolt - Small 1" collar and a medium 9" perch - Powder coated Treehouse Attachment Bolt with Large 3" Collar & long 9" Perch - Powder Coated
Irwin Bit Rental Kit Treehouse Attachment Bolt 6x12 HP Treehouse Attachment Bolt Nut
Irwin Bit Rental Kit - Rent this kit and return it to us within 4 weeks for a 75% refund! Kit includes: Irwin 3" self feeding timber bit, Irwin 1" x 18" Ship Auger Bit, Irwin 1-1/16" x 18" Ship Auger Bit, Irwin 1-1/8" x 18" Ship Auger Bit Treehouse Attachment Bolt with Large 6" Collar & long 12" Perch - Powder Coated
Great for use in all your tree house projects to prevent metal to metal contact. Available in a variety of sizes up to 24" x 48". If you need a custom size, please contact us at and we can provide a quote. Material is 1/2" thick.
If you need a treehouse bolt that is not listed here, then please contact us. Sometimes we can make bolts or hardware specific to your treehouse application. Other times, we may have access to just what you need, but it may not be listed on the website. Please contact us for such inquiries by email. Contact Treehouse Supplies for custom Treehouse Bolts & Hardware.
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