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Backyard Zipline Kits & Zip Lines

Treehouse Supplies offers several types of zip line kits ranging from the backyard and residential light duty grade kits to heavier usage and commercial grade zip line kits. With the combination of industry standard sized cable and high quality materials, our zip line kits will last longer and provide more safety than other competing vendors and products!

Our zip lines all come complete with the materials and instructions you need to easily plan and build your own backyard aerial adventure! Before purchasing your zipline, consider the Chetco zip line kits for distances under 200 feet. The Rogue Zip Line is ideal for distances of 150 feet and greater. We can also provide you with a professional to install your zip line if you're not quite comfortable doing it yourself.
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100' Chetco Zip line Kit Chetco Combo Zip Line Kit - 100ft up to 300ft Zip Line Kits - Chetco Combo Zip Line Kit Zip Line Kits - Rogue Zip Line Kit

Fixed Trolley, and great back yard fun!

Fixed trolley, 1 harness, and brake system!

Fixed trolley, 2 Harnesses, and brake system!

Quick detach trolley, handlebar, and brake system!

Zip Line Kits - Rogue Combo Zip Line Kit - 150' to 500' Lengths Zip Line Tensioning Kit with Medium Cable Grab Tree Saver Block Kit - For Zip Lines Zip Line Platform Plans - Treehouse Supplies
Zip Line Cable Tensioning Kit
Our Price: $250.00

Tree Saver Block Kit
Our Price: $105.00


2 Quick detach trolleys, 2 handlebars, 2 Harnesses and Brake system!

Need some extra muscle?

Plans Only - Build a Simple 3'x4' Zp Line Launch Platform and Ladder using these plans and our Zip Line Launch Platform Kit
Zip Line Platform Kit & Plans -
This kit includes all the hardware listed in our Zip Line Launch Platform Plans. Lumber not included.