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General Questions

At the moment, we don’t have a print catalog.

The main difference between those treehouses is the main bolt size is bigger/smaller. Bigger bolts mean they can carry more weight.

Also, sometimes people wish to build with larger tree fasteners for various reasons, such as softwood trees, desiring to perch the loads farther out on the bolt, commercial engineering standards requiring higher design load, or more peace of mind.

This is why we offer our kits with different-sized bolt options.

We use timber screws to connect the brackets to beams.

We offer various sizes for sale, or it is possible to buy just the brackets and source your own fasteners locally if you prefer.

Our plans will specify all of the lumber. However, if you are altering the plan, be sure to consider whether you should upsize or downsize beams, joists, or other lumber.

If you aren’t sure, we recommend checking with our customer service team about your alterations.

We support our products and plans for free, but if you really need design or engineering support, this is available for an additional charge.

Generally, our plans assume 3-4” of space between beams and tree trunks. Joists may be spaced farther away (6-8”) if desired.

Deck boards should be kept 1-3” from the tree to prevent entrapment and allow tree growth.

We provide all the necessary hardware except screws.

You can build a Free Standing Treehouse. We recommend visiting for more inspiration.

Each tree species has a family history, and each individual tree has a different environmental story which results in a wide range of structural and biological attributes affecting the suitability for treehouse building.

If you have a specific tree question for an arborist, then we are available for consulting, or you can go to to find an arborist in your area to assess the health, structure, and overall suitability of your trees for a treehouse project.

Our affiliated treehouse construction company is also available for an on-site consultation and partial build or turn-key construction options.

If your questions are technical or require a designer or builder to answer, then we require that you purchase an initial consultation where you can discuss customizing a plan, adapting a plan to a unique set of trees, or other specific issues.

If not, please contact us at the following link, and a team member will contact you:

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