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Tree House Supplies is the world leader in supplying tree house plans and materials to thousands of customers each year. Our sister companies Tree House World and Tree Top Builders, specialize in building tree houses. That said however, we realize that most tree houses will be built as family projects or by local contractors. We fully support that and want to help people learn how to build tree houses properly to avoid excess damage to trees or practices that are not safe. Join us for the next workshop if you want to learn the best practices in tree house building today.

Want to Learn How To Build a Tree House?

Check out our upcoming workshops by visiting our sister company Treehouse World.

Treehouse Building Workshops

What better place to gather among other treehouse professionals and aficionados to swap arboreal adventure stories!

The workshops will cover the familiar basics of arboriculture, engineering, and tips and tricks of the trade. We will also be adding to the awesomeness at Treehouse World by building new and exciting tree structures. So pull up a log or join us out on a limb, whether you want to learn how to build a safe & tree friendly backyard perch or to stay current with the best practices in tree house building today.

Workshops are hosted by Treehouse World

Workshop Location: 1442 Phoenixville Pike, West Chester, Pennsylvania, 19380

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