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Professional Grade Treehouse Building Materials

Treehouse Supplies Inc was started in 2009 to help people get their treehouse projects off the ground. Since then, we have greatly expanded both our store inventory and customer-client knowledge, enabling thousands of tree house enthusiasts see their idea come to life!

We offer custom made plans & supplies and provide unbeatable customer support before, during, and after "the sale." Where else will you get access to the owner's cell phone number in case you have a question while building? With us on your team, you can get your treehouse built the right way without making costly mistakes and damaging your trees in the process.

See what our customers have to say and pictures of their DIY Treehouses!

We serve anybody who is building things in trees!

DIY Builders

(backyard "do it yourself" treehouses)


Professional Treehouse Builders

Canopy Tour Builders

Zipline builders and moore

We can also facilitate pick ups of orders.

We are not located in a traditional retail area, but happy to have you stop by if you want to meet us or see the product before you order. Please contact us before stopping by, especially during non-standard business hours.

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From our customers


Every step of the way they’ve been responsive and super helpful. No upselling- just super awesome folks.

Scott Holmes
Facebook Review

They made the process of planning/designing a treehouse for me and my son to build as easy as possible.

John P. Walton
Facebook Review

The Treehouse Supplies team was awesome to work with. I ordered TAB's and windows from them. They were quick with shipping, and always available to answer my questions.

Tim Palardy
Google Review

Great kits and solid advice for the ambitious DIYer!

Dan Geist
Facebook Review

The kit and hardware is one thing, but if you're a total noob like me, then I'll certainly vouch for their support and the clarity of instructions they provide.

Drew Hudgins 
Facebook Review

I was able to get what I needed after a very knowledgeable and succinct consultation. After ordering a mix of parts and tools that ultimately didn't match and they were able to catch it and get it fixed for me.

David Leras
Google Review