Standard Extra Cable Kits - 6' to 30'

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    Standard extra cable kits contain all the same components that come with our regular standard bridge kits enabling you to add more support if needed. The kits can be ordered from 6' to 30' in length and use 1 main 3/8" diameter cable rated at 14,400 lbs.. Note: Extra cable kits are typically for commercial installations where three or more cables have been specified, but anyone is free to add them to their bridge kit package. We are not structural engineers, so if you are buying a cable kit and it is a commercial application, or if you are concerned about loads and such, you should consult a licensed engineer for guidance. Some applications require connection to more a substantial connection points like large trees or concrete footings. Our instructions are only meant as a guide. We cannot provide loads or other engineering data.

    Kits are made to order and cannot be returned. We recommend not ordering your kit until your structures or connection points are set and you have spoken with an engineering professional(if required). Feel free to contact us with any other questions.
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