Rope Bridge & Zipline FAQ


  • What is the post width for a rope bridge?

Our bridge kit instructions suggest a 40” width. However, we have built them between 6” and 60” wide.

When you change the widths, it might become necessary to add additional cables or change the lumber sizes.

  • What supplies do you provide for a rope bridge?

We provide everything needed except the lumber

For our tension bridges, we provide everything you need to attach a bridge between 2 wooden platforms, EXCEPT the lumber, which you can purchase locally to keep shipping costs reasonable.

We make bridge kits custom for each order, so if you want alternative attachments, we suggest contacting us ahead of time for all special requests.

  • Do you provide custom slings?

Yes! Custom slings are possible as special orders. Please contact us so we can have them prepared for you.

  • Can the rope bridge connect one tree to another?

Yes, our bridges can go from tree to tree, platform to tree, or other configurations.

The kits are sold by default as the amount of material needed to go platform to platform, but everything can be customized for you.

Please contact us at the link below if you have any special requests or questions – these are custom cut and generally not returnable, so we would rather talk with you first and get you what you need the first time.

  • How much netting is needed for a bridge kit?

The netting is the “railing” of the bridge kit, so it must be as long as the walking surface of the bridge.

Other materials are sized for bridges that go between 2 wooden platforms and contain extra footage for you to terminate wire ropes and rope handrails onto a secure structure (wooden railing, wall, etc.) at each end.

If you require extra footage of netting, please let us know of your special request before you order through the following link!



  • How big should the sling be to attach it to my trees?

Usually 8’, but if you have a larger tree, we can make it bigger. Please provide us with the tree diameter so we can calculate the sling you need.

  • What are the weight limits?

Our zipline kits are rated for up to 350 pounds, maximum. However, it is important to note that installation factors can increase or decrease the safe operating load.

Chief among these factors are cable tension and wire termination methods. Be sure to hire a competent installer for your zipline and test the zipline with at least double the expected load before allowing people to ride.

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