Treehouse Lag Bolts

3 products's heavy duty, specially customized and crafted treehouse lag bolts are designed by us for supporting a tree house. They are to be used to carry lighter weights when TABs are not quite necessary. Our tree house lag bolts come in 1” & 1¼” versions with varying lengths. All come hot dipped galvanized. Please watch our tree house lag bolt video for a full introduction.

    Make sure the size lag bolt you are buying matches the brackets you are using!!
    3 products
    Overhead view of five different lag bolts lined up. Each bolt varies in size. White Background.
    Treehouse Lag Bolts - Heavy-Duty Galvanized Fasteneres
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    Treehouse Bolt Installation Ratchet RENTAL - ¾" Ratchet & 1⅞" Socket
    Tree House Supplies
    An image of a clear plastic tubing used for a water leveling. This tubing would be used to ensure that a treehouse platform is level by checking the water level in the tubing.
    Water Level Tube
    Tree House Supplies
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