• Are treehouse plans included with the kits?  

Our treehouse plans and hardware kits are sold separately to cater to the needs of our customers. This allows us to better serve our commercial treehouse builders who prefer to purchase plans and hardware separately.

Please feel free to explore our range of plans and kits to create the treehouse of your dreams.

  • Do treehouse plans come with a material list? 

Certainly! Our treehouse plans always include a detailed material list for your convenience. While we strive to make our plans universal for different tree sizes, there may be slight variations in the material count.

We can customize the plan for you if you require precise board measurements, although this may incur additional design costs and time.

If you find anything missing, please contact us; we'll be more than happy to assist you.

  • Do you have AirBnB rental treehouse plans? 

Plans for rental treehouses, whether for AirBnB or VRBO, or other rental platforms, will generally be larger and involve permits and a lengthy design process.

Due to the complexity, we generally need to go through a custom design process for each one to ensure the design fits your trees and is ready to apply for your building permits. 

For these reasons, we do not list the actual plans for large rental treehouses – they must be adapted to fit your trees. Click here to learn about our custom designs: 

  • What format are the plans in? Are they PDF files, or will they be shipped to me? 

When you purchase any plans from, you will receive them electronically in PDF format for your convenience.

Please note that if you choose to buy our plans from other online marketplaces, they may be required to be printed and shipped to your address.

  • How do I access the plans sent to me?

The plans are delivered by email in pdf format. If you need help opening them, then you may need to install a free pdf reader onto your device.

Please feel free to ask us if you need them in another format.

  • I am looking for custom plans, but not sure where to start.

We have options for custom treehouse design packages based on the size and scope of the kind of treehouse you wish to build.

If you don’t know which package to purchase, you can start by purchasing an initial consult that can be applied toward any treehouse design package or by contacting us to help figure out what you need. Click here to get started with custom designs: 

  • Do treehouse kits come with wood? Or how much is needed?

Please note that lumber is not included in the kits.

Our treehouse kits include the custom treehouse attachment hardware, which is the specialized part of our craft that we do better than anyone else.

We include a lumber and materials list, which you can take to your local lumber yard for a quote. 

  • What is the estimated cost of the wood for your projects?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide an exact wood cost estimate due to the frequent fluctuations in wood prices caused by local demand and supply dynamics.

If you still wish to estimate the lumber cost beforehand, you can calculate the number of sheets of exterior plywood siding, estimate around 1.3-2 studs per lineal foot of the wall, count the deck boards or plywood sheets for the floor, and tally the beams and floor joists.

Obtaining a quote based on these calculations and adding 50-100% for other necessary pieces of wood (such as railings, rafters, windows, trim, door, ladder, accessories, etc.) will give you a simplistic idea of how much the budgeting will take.

  • How to know what treehouse plan or kit is right for me?

Contacting us through the website is the best way to talk with customer service to ensure you pick out the right treehouse plan or kit.

Customer service and support are free and included with all purchases, but if you need a custom design or need a plan adapted to your unique set of trees, then we have an affordable initial consultation option or complete treehouse design service packages to choose from.

  • What is the minimum tree diameter for your treehouse kits? 

The minimum tree diameter is generally about 7”-12” for most applications.

However, on single tree designs with multiple bolts in a tight area, the minimum can be up to 18” without modification.

We can usually help you adjust the fastening system if you are working with a smaller tree – we ask that you purchase the plan at least and review it first.

Then we can get on the phone with you to see if any hardware adjustments will be advised or if we can give alternative installation instructions based on your situation.

Additionally, with single tree platforms, there is a rotational force that applies to them all, which is a ratio of the platform size to the tree size.

For example, if you build a 16’ wide octagon on a 16” diameter tree, the tree will hold it up, but we may need to help you address the rotation that will occur from normal movement.

This is doable but not something we can adequately address in an FAQ. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us so we can address your specific situation.

  • Do you design freestanding raised treehouses? 

We have a full-service treehouse design department so that we can design anything.

We can adapt any of our treehouse plans to use ground support or create a new custom treehouse plan to meet your requirements.

To get started, you can look through our custom treehouse design options or contact us through our website to set up a complimentary call to figure out what to buy.

  • I just purchased a custom design. What’s next? 

We will connect you with one of our designers to schedule a time to begin your treehouse design project.

This work will typically happen on business days during Eastern Standard Time. However, once connected, you and your designer will make arrangements.

If you purchased engineering or level 2 time, you would be connected with the appropriate expert to address your needs & concerns.

  • What tree diameter is required for single tree platforms? 

There are three issues to consider related to single tree sizes:

  1. Floor space: Some huge trees do not pair well with small tree platforms. For example, an 8’ octagon treehouse plan built onto a 36” diameter tree will only have 30” of the deck to the flats, which feels narrow.
  2. Rotation: All single tree platforms rotate a little – but this is more noticeable when the platform size to tree size ratio is high. So a 16’ wide platform on a 16” tree will rotate much more than if built on a 32” tree. 
  3. Bolts crashing: for our designs that require 2 TABs set at the same height, in line, on opposite sides of the tree, the TABs could “crash” in the 14” to 18” diameter range. There are ways to stagger the TABs either horizontally or vertically to reduce this possibility. 


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