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Zipline Platform Kit & Plans

Everything you need to build a zipline platform - all hardware and detailed plans. You supply the wood, we supply the professional hardware and instructions.
Our zip line platform plan will help you build a 3'x4' (can be adjusted to fit tree diameter) launch platform with a ladder and railing Step by step instructions are included. If you have any questions, please EMAIL US prior to ordering.
We are not structural engineers, so if you are buying a zipline platform kit and it is a commercial application or if you are concerned about loads and such, you should consult a licensed engineer for the best way to install the kit at your site. Some applications require connection to more a substantial connection point like large trees or concrete footings. Our instructions are only meant as a guide. We cannot provide loads or other engineering data.

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Zip Line Platform Plans - Treehouse Supplies Zip Line Platform Kit & Plans -
Plans Only - Build a Simple 3'x4' Zp Line Launch Platform and Ladder using these plans and our Zip Line Launch Platform Kit This kit includes all the hardware listed in our Zip Line Launch Platform Plans. Lumber not included.