Treehouse Supplies offers Custom Design Services

Custom Treehouse Designs

Custom Treehouse Designs made for your project

Everyone wants something special when it comes to a DIY project, something unique to them. Of course, you can build from one of our Treehouse Kits, but to build something that will wow your family for years to come, let us help you design a custom treehouse.

Custom Treehouse Design Services

We can draw a treehouse platform layout, a full set of CAD plans with step-by-step instructions, or even a full-color 3D model. With a quick conversation, we can get started on plans to help you build with confidence.

One of our designers will contact you with an estimate to complete the work and explain the entire process. Most of the time, we can complete your plans within a week.

How do we create your Custom Treehouse Design?

Our designers blend principles of carpentry, engineering, and architecture through computer programs to help create designs that are easily changed and more precise. You can read more about the benefits of using CAD here.

How much does a Custom Treehouse Design cost?

Our Custom Treehouse Design process is based on time spent on your design. We can provide a simple sketch showing the connections to the trees, the main supporting beams, and floor joists sizes.  Then you can build from there. Our second option includes a top-down CAD drawing of your platform showing tree connections, framing, and bolt sizes and locations. We can also provide a full-color 3D model of your plan to be used as a guide and inspiration to keep the project on track. 

Our fees cover creation of a design that ensures the attachment of the treehouses to the trees safely, so your treehouse can support the load, allowing the trees to grow and be healthy, providing long-term enjoyment for your family. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started.

Simple Treehouse Design

Simple Sketch

Intricate Treehouse Design

Top-Down CAD Drawing


3D Drawing of Interior

Full-Color 3D Model

That’s Custom Design Services. That’s Treehouse Supplies.

We heard you. You need professional quality from a name you can trust. We hope these services can help you with your next project. We are here to help! If you have any questions, send us a message on our FacebookInstagramTwitter, or LinkedIn, or Visit our Website. Until next time, keep your trees healthy and yourself healthier.

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