DIY Treehouse Wars by Treehouse Supplies: A Look Into The Final Battle

The DIY Treehouse Wars by Treehouse Supplies competition has ended, and we couldn't be more impressed with the incredible treehouses produced by the contestants.

In the final battle, one treehouse stood out: Andy's stunning creation, inspired by Disney's Swiss Family Robinson.

Andy Franck - DIY Treehouse Wars Winner

During our interview with Andy, he shared that his inspiration for building the treehouse stemmed from his childhood fascination with the famous Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. 

Andy used several materials to construct his masterpiece, including pressure-treated pine for the platform, dimensional building lumber for framing, western red cedar for siding and trim, and salvaged wood mixed in.

He also used hardware from Treehouse Supplies, including 3 Treehouse Attachment Bolts (TABs) and a yoke kit for attaching the treehouse to the trees.

The construction process was a significant challenge, taking just over two years to complete, with some unexpected changes made along the way.

At first, Andy planned for only tree support, but after realizing one of the smaller trees might not be able to tolerate a TAB, he adapted the design to end the deck supported by two large posts.


Safety was a primary concern during construction, so Andy researched and practiced using an arborist's harness and basic techniques to ensure he could work safely.

He also absorbed everything he could find on using TABs and related hardware, including our Backyard Treehouses book, which offered valuable practical information.

In terms of design, Andy aimed for a traditional form with cozy but well-lit interiors. The treehouse's exposed framing and siding, with various textures and spaces, lend a lot to the coziness, while the twelve windows and two French doors ensure plenty of natural light.

Winning DIY Treehouse Wars by Treehouse Supplies was a fantastic achievement for Andy, and we're eager to see what he does next.

He's open to building another treehouse if the opportunity arises, but for now, he's focused on traditional woodworking, with a few small furniture projects already completed and many more planned.

DIY Treehouse Wars by Treehouse Supplies was an excellent opportunity for contestants to showcase their passion for all things treehouse. We were thrilled to see the creativity and dedication put into every entry, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for these talented builders.

Thank you to everyone who was part of our first DIY Treehouse Wars!

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