DIY Treehouse Wars by Treehouse Supplies: A Look Into The Semi-Finals Battle 1

Are you a treehouse enthusiast? Have you been keeping up with the DIY Treehouse Wars by Treehouse Supplies? If not, we have some exciting news for you! 

The competition is reaching its first semi-finals, and the treehouses we have seen so far are nothing short of amazing. Each participant has put in their efforts to create breathtaking treehouses that are taking this challenge to a whole new level. 

Let's take a look at the semifinalists and the fantastic creations they have made.

Roland Springer - Boise, Idaho - Battle 1 Winner


First, let's take a look at 1 Tree 2 Post Wraparound made by Roland Springer. This beautiful treehouse is built around a single tree, with two additional posts for support. The Wraparound design of the treehouse gives the occupant ample views of the surrounding areas. 



From the inside, you can look out at the beautiful trees and the sky above. This treehouse's simplistic yet elegant design makes it stand out among the others. We are very impressed with the use of natural materials, which makes the structure blend seamlessly with the surrounding ecosystem.

Here's Roland and his treehouse story:


"In 2015, we moved into a home with a beautiful mature white ash in the backyard. With no construction experience, I foolishly promised the kids I would build them a treehouse. After so much research, I settled on designs and hardware from Treehouse Supplies, bought windows from the local auction, bought a bunch of wood, and started the project during spring break 2019.

This was a monumental learning experience. I learned about construction codes, framing techniques, fasteners, insulation, building envelopes, deck and roof design and construction, electrical design and wiring, and so much more! 

It took me a year to construct the deck structure, another year to build the house on top of it (I designed it using Excel and even made a cute little scale model), and over a half year to complete all the finishes. I finished it over the 2021-22 winter, and it is nice and toasty with just a space heater. Not bad for a spring break project! 

I'm really proud of a few things. I made the ceiling from reclaimed redwood 2x10s that I quarter-sawed into thin strips. It is beautiful! There is a built-in high shelf and a beam with a routed groove that we use for pull-ups to lift ourselves into the top bunk. I have two gates in the railing, one for lifting things up (and maybe to access a fire pole in the future) and one for jumping onto the trampoline. Mom wasn't so sure about that feature. 

People love the treehouse, and it is a landmark in our urban neighborhood. It's not the most extravagant treehouse out there, but it is well-built and loved by kids of all ages. Now I'm dreaming about a zip line, a perch higher up in the tree, and the fire pole. I now have skills and confidence, and the sky's the limit! Thank you, Treehouse Supplies, for having great designs and hardware, being gracious in providing advice as I customized the project, and giving me the confidence to make the dream a reality."

Curtis Sawyer - Star Lake, NY - Battle 2 Winner

The second treehouse on our list is an impressive custom design made by Curtis Sawyer. 


We were blown away by the incredible combination of modern and traditional elements that Sawyer incorporated into the design. But what really sets this treehouse apart are the features that Sawyer included, like the impressive bridge that leads to its cozy interior. From top to bottom, this treehouse is a true masterpiece and will leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to experience it. 


Here's a little about Curtis and his treehouse story:


"We bought the 4 tabs from you a few years ago and are so happy with how it turned out. With 5 windows, a sliding glass door, and a regular glass entry door, it is everyone's favorite hangout. We did all the construction by ourselves and with the help of watching the program "Treehouse Masters."

We have bunk beds, heat, and electricity, so guests have even slept in it in the wintertime. Fun, fun."

We thank you, Roland and Curtis, for trusting us with your (and your family's) dreamed treehouse and participating in our first-ever DIY Treehouse Wars!

We hope this blog gave you an insight into the fantastic creations that are part of the semi-finals of the DIY Treehouse Wars by Treehouse Supplies. Our first two semi-finalists have each brought their unique flair to the competition. With their amazing designs, it is difficult to say who will come out on top. 

We are excited to see what the final round of the competition will bring, so stay tuned for our upcoming blog on our following two semi-finalists!

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