DIY Treehouse Wars by Treehouse Supplies: A Look Into The Semi-Finals Battle 2

If you haven't yet been keeping up with the DIY Treehouse Wars by Treehouse Supplies, now's the time to tune in. The competition has reached its second semifinals, and trust us, the treehouses we've seen so far are nothing short of incredible. 

These participants have gone above and beyond to create breathtaking treehouses that are pushing the limits of what we thought was possible. Each project's attention to detail, creativity, and overall innovation is genuinely outstanding. 

So, without further ado, let's see what the second semi-finalists have in store for us and prepare to have your mind blown by their remarkable creations.

Macon Hill - Battle 3 Winner

Our Battle 3 winner of the DIY Treehouse Wars is a 2 tree treehouse made by Macon Hill. The attention to detail and stunning design left us completely blown away. This masterpiece boasts a full kitchen and bathroom and comes complete with numerous other features that make it truly one of a kind. 

What's more, Macon has plans to rent out this incredible treehouse village once it's fully completed. Who wouldn't jump at the chance to stay in such a breathtaking retreat? But don't take our word for it - hear about Macon's journey and incredible design directly from the mastermind himself.

Here's Macon and his treehouse story:

"COVID strikes!

2020- I was preparing to buy a paramotor to escape the pandemic! I was going to fly high and travel around the mountains waiting to see what would happen. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks- build a treehouse- use this time and "free money" to invest in your future. 

So I began to build my first investment property. The "Treezzzy" aka a place to catch zzzzzs in the trees was straight from my dreams. I had no blue prints and no structural engineering at the time.

I was between a rock and a hard place- the building department wasn't going to issue a permit until the structural engineer gave me approval, and the structural engineer wasn't going to give me a stamped letter until he saw something in the trees to inspect.

So I built it anyways- I put the rough framing up then called my structural engineer and he came out and approved what I had. The building department hated me building it before a permit was issued so I was issued a $100 fine.

Less than a year later I passed my inspections and I was able to finally live in my dream home and have been for 2 years. It has a retro kitchen, full bathroom, his/her closet with washer/dryer, living area, winding staircase, king size bed and a bridge over to the next tree house. Also the Treezzzy is the first treehouse of its kind- it has a full stone aggregate front- making it genuinely one of a kind home.

I intend on renting the Treezzzy out but first I wanted to complete the other 3 treehouses. So far I've completed 2 of them. The other "treehouse " is a spa, gym, entertainment area and also has a 6 man jacuzzi recessed in a deck.

So 2 more treehouses left and then Trackrock Treehouse Village will be open for business.

Thank you for the consideration :)"


Andy Franck - Battle 4 Winner

Our Battle 4 winner is an impressive design made by Andy Franck. 

This design is incredible for its simplicity and ability to evoke feelings of wonder and excitement. This treehouse is nothing short of cozy and inviting from the top to the bottom. We can envision ourselves spending countless hours playing games during the warm summer afternoons or relaxing with our families during those chilly winter nights. Congratulations, Andy, on a job well done!

Here's a little about Andy and his treehouse story:

"For background, I am a photographer by trade, but have always had a strong interest in making things - dabbled in woodworking and lots of carpentry around the house. I dreamed of maybe someday building a house but never went down that path (and it would have been disastrous had I tried). 


We live on approx 6 acres of mostly wooded land in central Virginia (a bit north of Charlottesville). In August of 2020 I began work on my treehouse in a great little spot where a boulder-strewn hillside descends towards a creek. The design is all my own but is informed by tons of other projects I’ve seen online. When I realized early on that it would take much longer to complete than I imagined (don’t they always?) I made a decision not to compromise or simplify my ideas just to rush the process - instead, I gave myself the space to let it become something I’m very happy with. 

Things I like or am really proud of:

  • I made most of the windows myself (harvesting the glass from a pile of old windows in our garage). My mind was set on having those four tall windows and door wrapping light around the deck end of the treehouse. I really love that part.
  • The window seat was an in-process addition that took a lot of extra work but I can’t imagine not having it.
  • I’m really happy that I splurged on the exterior lights - they’re so perfect.
  • All of the little details in the roof and siding that took so long to get (mostly) right. Most people will never see them.

In the end it took a little over two years to complete and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’m genuinely amazed that I was able to execute as well as I did. It’s not the biggest or most fancy treehouse out there (no kitchen or bathroom 🙂) but our family loves our private getaway for pizza night sleepovers with the dog."

We couldn't be more thrilled to have Macon and Andy as participants in our first-ever DIY Treehouse Wars competition. 

The competition has been fierce, with each semi-finalist showcasing their unique styles and creativity in their designs. For now, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to Macon and Andy for being a part of this exciting journey and helping to make the DIY Treehouse Wars a success.

We are excited to see what the final round of the competition will bring, so stay tuned for our upcoming blog on our grand winner!

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