DIY Treehouse Wars Fall 2023 Edition: Let’s Visit The Homes of our First Semi-finalists

If you've been following the DIY Treehouse Wars Fall 2023 Edition, we have some thrilling news: The first semi-finals are coming up, and we can't wait to show you the unique houses that made it to this point. 

Trust us; the creativity and dedication of these participants will blow you away. They put their heart and soul (and possibly some sweat) into creating truly remarkable treehouses. These semi-finalists are setting a new standard for DIY treehouses, and we're thrilled to take you on a tour showcasing their masterpieces.

So, let's not waste more time and start this exciting tour!

Matt Robinson - Durham, NC - Battle 1 Winner

Matt Robinson's treehouse is a masterpiece of DIY wonder. He started working on the project 9 years ago, and his attention to detail is truly admirable.

“Around 2014, the dream of building a treehouse began taking shape as my young daughters became more rambunctious by the hour. In 2015, I began working to figure out how to build something my kids would enjoy while being well-built and safe.” - Matt.

That's dedication! The results are simply stunning.

From there, over the course of the next few months, I planned, calculated, drew a few things out on a napkin, and most importantly, begged my wife to let me build something in our beautiful giant of a Pin Oak.” - Matt.


The first thing you notice about Matt's treehouse is that it's nestled in the branches of a giant Pin Oak. And Matt didn't just plop a platform up there; he built a proper house. The structure is fully insulated, so Matt and his family can use it all year round.

The treehouse started like most, I guess, as a dream of a special place I could share with my family.” - Matt.

The place has its own power supply, forty amps delivered by a Cat6 data line directly from Matt's home router. This house has a full, cozy living room and a fantastic workspace for when you feel like having a business meeting from the top of a Pin Oak tree. And we can’t help but notice Matt carefully arranged all the lighting and decoration details.

One of the things we love about Matt's treehouse is that he didn't just rush out and buy loads of lumber.

Durham, NC, had a wonderful little non-profit that would collect and sell surplus building materials, and that place was a goldmine for me.” - Matt.

This makes the whole project even more impressive. It's not just about getting the job done; it's about sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Another great spot was my local Habitat ReUse store, where I found much of the interior wall coverings and flooring.” - Matt.


Matt used our TABs to ensure his creation was incredibly safe and took his cue from a popular TV show.

I had no idea what a TAB was until I saw a now-popular TV show that explained the process well.” - Matt.

That means he can rest assured that their children will be safe and secure while playing, and they can just focus on having fun.

Matt Robinson's treehouse is an impressive construction; it's eco-friendly, high-tech, and built with love. He deserves a medal for his DIY skills!

I can, without question, say that I have the coolest home office of anyone I work with. I cannot wait for my next project.” - Matt.

Rick Gerrein -  Lake Cumberland, KY - Battle 2 Winner

Located on the picturesque Lake Cumberland in Kentucky, Rick's treehouse is a two-level masterpiece that even the most skeptical family member couldn't resist. And it all started on April Fool's Day of 2017!

It has 2 levels. The first floor has a kitchen, full bath, and family room with double French doors that open onto a long covered porch overlooking the lake” - Rick.

The second floor of Rick's treehouse is incredible:

“The second floor has the master bedroom with a king-size bed with 8 windows, including a large picture window with speculated views of the lake and a door connecting to the second floor of the connecting grandkids' “bunkhouse.” - Rick.

With its impressive amenities and idyllic setting, the second-floor oasis offers a truly lakeside retreat.

Speaking of the bunkhouse, it's nothing short of amazing, either. With four queen-size bunk beds and a nifty staircase to access the upper bunks, it's the perfect spot for the kids to enjoy. It even has a slide!

An 11-foot twisty slide was added for kids of all sizes. It has heating, air conditioning, and all connivance’s to be lived year-round.” - Rick.

Rick's treehouse offers the ultimate retreat, providing the convenience and comfort of modern living with heating, air conditioning, and year-round availability. Its amenities make it an ideal haven for those seeking a fulfilling lifestyle.

In short, it's a concise, perfect retreat that you may never want to leave.

Congratulations, Rick - you've truly outdone yourself!

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to Matt and Rick for taking part in the DIY Treehouse Wars and for allowing us to be a part of bringing their wildest treehouse dreams to life. 

We hope this blog gave you a sneak peek into the incredible designs that have made it to the first semi-finals of our Fall 2023 Edition of the DYI Treehouse Wars. But the competition is far from over!

Stay tuned for the following battles: 


Semi-final #1: Winner of Battle #1 vs. Battle #2: October 27

Semi-final #2: Winner of Battle #3 vs. Battle #4: November 3

Finals: November 10

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