DIY Treehouse Wars Fall 2023 Edition: Let’s Visit The Homes of our Second Semi-finalists

The DIY Treehouse Wars Fall 2023 Edition has brought out some of the DIY community's most creative and innovative minds. And as the second semi-finals come up, we can't wait to show you the unique houses that made it to this point.

Let’s explore the stories behind these stunning treehouses!

Pierre Morita - Battle 3 Winner

Our third semi-finalist is Pierre Morita, a treehouse enthusiast who believes that treehouses should grow and evolve like the trees surrounding them.

Pierre Morita - Battle 3 Winner House


When speaking with Pierre, he told us that his journey with his treehouse began with a general idea of what kind of platform he could fit in the space, and from there, the rest came naturally. He prefers to let his treehouse advance organically, adding elements piece by piece.


“The actual house, ship ladder, sky deck, and railings all came one step at a time based on what felt right.”

This has led to some incredible creations, including a sky deck, railings, and even a bridge to a platform 30 feet away.

Pierre Morita - Battle 3 Winner


One of the most critical things Pierre has learned throughout his treehouse-building journey is the importance of involving everyone in the process to achieve better results.

“The best ideas come from unlikely places.”

Pierre also stresses the convenience of running power and internet as part of the initial build, as having access to these amenities can be a game-changer for working or relaxing in your treehouse.

As for the actual build, Pierre recommends planning for the smallest heat pump out there, as even tiny spaces could benefit from heat and AC. In addition, window units tend to be too loud, which can disrupt the relaxing vibe of your treehouse.

And if you're looking for inspiration or guidance during your treehouse build, Pierre recommends scouring YouTube for tutorials and ideas.

Next year’s addition is unknown, but the evolution will continue.” 

Pierre's passion for treehouses and his unique approach to building earned him a spot in our second semi-final of the DIY Treehouse Wars Fall 2023 Edition. We can't wait to see what he has in store for us next! 

Mark Ikerd - Battle 4 Winner

Mark Ikerd's treehouse is an absolute marvel of architectural ingenuity, showcasing the power of ideas and how they can grow into something truly remarkable.

When speaking with Mark, he stated that he has been a treehouse enthusiast since a very young age:

My passion for treehouses started when I was just a kid, and I built a couple of treehouses back then with just scraps of wood and whatever old rusty or bent nails that my Dad would let me have.”

After years of creating treehouses for his kids and grandkids, he decided it was time to build an adult treehouse for himself and his wife, and this dream started in March 2020, right when the COVID pandemic started.

“The basic structure is built around a wood telephone pole in the center that is buried in the ground and encased in a concrete footing, similar to how a monopole would be designed in a communications structure. This helps tie the entire structure together while still allowing it to move and flex as needed.”

The treehouse boasts a two-level deck platform that provides visitors with stunning views of the surroundings. Standing tall and dignified, the treehouse is so high that even Mark makes fun of his creation.

I almost needed a Drone to get a good picture.”

The treehouse features an outside spiral staircase that connects the first floor to the second, giving it a unique and enchanting look. The custom design of the treehouse combined with the stairs enhances its charm and adds to its overall functionality.

On the inside of the treehouse, there is electricity, of course, but no plumbing, just a Portaloo if you have to use the restroom. There is, however, Wi-Fi, a Smart TV and speaker, an electric fireplace, and all the lights and thermostats are controlled by Alexa.”

Mark's treehouse reflects the strength of imagination and hard work. It serves as a reminder of what can be achieved with focus and dedication.

The attention to detail in every aspect of this DIY treehouse is outstanding, from the intricate carvings to the reclaimed wood railings.

We believe that Mark Ikerd's treehouse is a testament to the beauty of engineering, architecture, and ingenuity. We can’t wait to see what Mark's creativity holds for the future!


We just wanted to say a huge thanks to both Pierre and Mark for participating in the DIY Treehouse Wars and letting us witness his incredible creation. We cannot wait to see what you guys come up with next. 

Stay tuned for the following battles: 


Semi-final #2: Winner of Battle #3 vs. Battle #4: November 3

Finals: November 10

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