Enhance Your Living Spaces with Nets: Indoor & Outdoor Netting Ideas

In the realms of interior design and outdoor leisure, nets have emerged as versatile and stylish additions to both indoor and outdoor spaces. From cozy loft areas inside to relaxing spots in the garden outside, nets offer a unique blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

* Warning - the following may induce intense feelings of design inspiration, along with a strong and immediate urge to re-imagine your space with netting.

industry loft design
A spacious and inviting open plan living area in this unforgettable vacation cabin near Mont-Tremblant in Quebec, Canada, is accented with an awe-inspiring mezzanine loft net from Treehouse Supplies

Creative Ways to Integrate Nets into Your Living Environment

Home netting encompass a wide range of netting solutions tailored to different areas of the home. Incorporating netting in your living spaces can achieve both functional and aesthetic objectives- maximizing functionality and optimal use of space while creating unique and interesting design features.


From loft floor nets in the attic to partition netting for pets, indoor home nets come in various shapes and sizes to suit different needs. Just about every space inside can be enhanced with netting, whether for storage, additional space, feature areas or for decorative value. Small spaces in particular can be vastly transformed with the addition of a simple net to achieve usability in otherwise unutilized vertical space. Here are a few of our favorite indoor netting concepts.
industry loft inspiration
The crisp white cargo loft hammock net installed on the second level of this Austin, Texas home perfectly suits its' modern, minimal aesthetic while introducing a hint of rustic charm 

Loft Nets

Loft nets have become increasingly popular for their ability to maximize vertical space while adding an element of adventure to the home. Suspended above ground level, loft nets can serve as cozy lounging areas, additional sleeping quarters, or additional storage space.  Whether installed in a child's bedroom or above a home office, loft nets offer a whimsical and functional solution for optimizing space.
Double stack netting is a perfect loft net solution: offering innovative space utilization with the strength of two tiers of suspended net
When installing nets that are intended to support body weight, we always recommend double layer netting - for the obvious assurance of added safety, and for comfort! Considering the level of activity your loft net will endure (we're talking multiple lounging adults and likely a few bouncing kids) you want to be assured your loft nets are the strongest they can possibly be. Nets can be fun- two layers are better than one!
black loft net in an air bnb vacation rental home
An ultra-chic black cargo loft hammock net installed on the second level of this thoughtfully designed modern farmhouse in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada is a testament to the blend of design aesthetics a net installation can achieve

Indoor Railing and Barrier Nets

Barrier netting offers a unique way to partition spaces within the home while maintaining an open and airy feel. Install netting along stair rails or mezzanine edges to create a safety barrier that doesn't obstruct sight-lines or natural light.
You can also use netting to keep children or your fur babies out of certain areas without adding a doorway. Want to get creative? Use barrier netting as a decorative element to add texture and visual interest to walls or ceilings.  
stair rail nets for indooors
Home nets from Treehouse Supplies utilized both as a loft hammock installation and in the railings on the loft floor really do make the interior of this quaint and family friendly escape in Cape Meares, Oregon.

Mezzanine Nets

Mezzanines are a popular architectural feature in modern homes, providing additional living space without the need for a full-scale addition. The downside to the open and modern look that mezzanines give is that they do not utilize the vertical space efficiently. Attaching a lounge net to them will keep the visual impact of your double high ceilings while giving you more opportunities to utilize your space. Mezzanine nets create additional lounge space that blends seamlessly with the surrounding decor while keeping the upper level secure.
quality house nets for mezannine
A mezzanine net installation like this one calls for the strengh of our quality double stack netting - safety first!

Indoor Play Netting:

If there's one thing kids love to do, its climb!
This is undoubtedly one of the biggest uses for home nets - play spaces, kid's bedrooms and playrooms have long incorporated netting for the fun and safety they can add to these natural habitats for our little ones.
fun and coloful nets in a play room fopr kids
Cargo Loft Nets are ideal for kids- the thicker rope used for the main net layer can safely support weight, while the finer backer net provides comfort and safety, so no one can fall through or become tangled in the net.

Incorporating nets into your kid's play space can add an element of adventure, creativity, and physical activity. Here are some ideas on how you can utilize nets to enhance the playroom experience for your child:

1. Indoor Climbing Net: I
nstall a climbing net on one of the walls to provide a safe and fun climbing experience. Make sure it's securely anchored and placed over soft flooring to prevent injuries.

2. Hammock Net: Hang a hammock net in a corner or along one of the walls where your child can relax, read, or play games. It can serve as a cozy spot for quiet time or imaginative play.
SO FUN! Remember- if nets need to support body weight, 2 layers is better than one! 
3. Net Tunnels: A net tunnel for kids is a fun and adventurous play structure designed to stimulate children's imaginations and physical activity. It typically consists of a series of interconnected nets arranged in a tunnel-like configuration, creating a pathway for children to crawl, climb, and explore.
net tunnel in a kids play area

4. Ball Pit with Net Enclosure: Set up a ball pit filled with colorful balls and enclose it with a net to keep the balls contained. This provides a safe and fun space for your child to jump, dive, and play.

5. Netted Loft Area: If your playroom has a loft or elevated space, enclose it with nets to create a cozy, elevated play area. This can serve as a hideaway or reading nook for your child.

Of course, outdoor climbing is HUGE for little ones too!  

Remember to always prioritize safety when incorporating nets into your child's playroom. Ensure that all installations are securely anchored and regularly inspected for any signs of wear or damage. Additionally, supervise your child during playtime to prevent accidents and ensure they're using the equipment appropriately.


Outdoor netting can serve multiple useful purposes, from creating privacy screens to safety barriers on stair railings. Use netting to enclose a gazebo or pergola, or transform a deck with an outdoor deck hammock adding a whole new dimension to your sunny summer days outdoors.  
stair railing outside
Outdoor decks, bridges, balconies and porches are all enhanced (both visually, and for safety) with the addition of nets as railings

Outdoor Railings and Barrier Nets

Outdoor railing and barrier nets can function as essential safety components in various outdoor settings, providing protection, security, and delineation of spaces.
outdoor stair and deck Railing nets
Single layer netting in black perfectly accents this gorgeous treehouse by Treehouse Supplies customer Prospect Street Designs

Netting can serve as excellent outdoor railings, providing protective barriers primarily in elevated areas such as balconies, decks, staircases, and bridges. Their primary function will be to prevent accidental falls and injuries, particularly in areas where there is a risk of people slipping or tripping over the edge- but their aesthetic appeal is unique and fresh, standing apart from the all-too-common wood and steel installations. Net railings are also quicker and easier to install, particularly in DIY projects.
Single layer barrier nets installed along these garden bridges keep the installation safe from falls
Single layer barrier nets installed along these garden bridges keep the installation safe from falls and easy for little ones to enjoy
Barrier nets are deployed to create protective barriers in outdoor environments, especially in areas where traditional solid barriers like walls or fences are impractical or aesthetically undesirable. They are commonly used in sports facilities, construction sites, amusement parks, and residential areas to prevent objects or people from falling or accessing restricted areas. Installation methods for barrier nets vary depending on the specific requirements of the site and may involve hanging them from poles or support structures, attaching them to existing fences or structures, or suspending them between anchor points. Barrier nets can be customized in terms of size, shape, mesh density, and color to suit different applications and blend in with the surroundings or enhance visibility for safety purposes.

Bridges and Tunnels:

When building your backyard escape, you can use netting to create a safe area for young children to explore their imagination in. Using netting to enclose bridges not only prevents falls but also keep your treehouse or playscape looking natural. You can also use net tunnels to enclose a ladder or offer a climbing challenge while outside. 

bridge nets for safety
 An outdoor oasis for children kept safe from falls with the addition of barrier nets along a bridge
net tunnels for kids play ground play scape back yard
Endless outdoor fun for all ages with a series of net tunnels installed on this gorgeous tree house

Hammock Nets

Outdoor hammock nets evoke images of lazy summer days spent swaying in the breeze. Hammocks are a great way to create a  relaxing oasis on your deck or in the yard. Hang a hammock net in a sunlit corner, suspend it between trees or install nets adjacent to a deck for a cozy reading nook. The versatility of hammock nets makes them a beloved addition to any home and creative applications can create very unique features for your outdoor space.
Hill Country Hammock House net by Treehouse Supplies
Large Hammocks like this stunning feature installation at the Hill Country Hammock House in Round Mountain, Texas are well executed with our Cargo Climb Loft Net which combines a thicker layer with a finer layer for added support and safety

Deck Hammocks

A deck hammock is a type of hammock specifically designed for installation in a deck or outdoor patio. It offers a comfortable and relaxing seating option that allows individuals to lounge and unwind outdoors while enjoying the fresh air and scenery.
Deck hammocks typically consist of double stack netting installed into a cut out in the decking material, creating a unique feature for lounging outside. 
deck hammocks are installed directly into decking
You can't go wrong with the superior support of Double Stack netting when it comes to supporting body weight. Deck hammocks are installed directly into decking, as shown here by inspiring Treehouse Supplies customers Tiny Haven Spaces and Willers Custom Builders .

Nets offer a myriad of possibilities for enhancing both indoor and outdoor living spaces. From loft nets to hammock nets, outdoor netting to indoor netting, there are endless ways to incorporate nets into your home decor and leisure activities. Whether you're looking to maximize space, add a touch of whimsy, or ensure safety, nets provide a versatile and stylish solution for modern living. So why not elevate your living spaces with the addition of nets today!

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