Fall In Love With Building at the Tree Top Builders Fall Workshop

Fall 2022 TTB Workshop Group

Why We Do What We Do

If there is one thing we value at Treehouse Supplies, it’s helping customers build the treehouse of their dreams. Since 2009, we have expanded our store inventory and customer-client knowledge, enabling thousands of tree house enthusiasts to see their ideas come to life. Along with our customized plans & supplies, we wanted to provide a more hands-on experience that allowed our customers to work with trained professionals to prepare for their builds. So, with the help of Tree Top Builders, the Tree Top Builders Spring and Fall Workshops were created.

This Year’s Workshop

Our Fall and Spring Workshops consist of both fun and educational elements. This two-day weekend workshop helps participants understand the fundamentals of treehouse building and what it takes to build a stellar model in their backyard. When guests arrived on Saturday, they were taught the basics of understanding tree biology and preserving its health by CEO and Founder of Treehouse Supplies, Dan Wright. After that, head carpenter and treehouse engineer Joe Salinas taught the group how to plan out a treehouse build and the steps it takes to build one correctly and successfully. After a quick lunch break and one-on-one Q&A session with our staff, guests were given a tour of Treehouse World and began building the newest addition! On Sunday, guests arrived back at the park to continue the building process until it was time to head home!

How You Can Be Apart of The Magic

Building a treehouse from scratch without prior knowledge can be daunting. However, at Treehouse Supplies, we are here to help you during every part of your build. Join us at our Spring 2023 workshop to learn the fundamentals of treehouse building and gain some hands-on skills before your next backyard build! We hope to see you there! 

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