Helping You Decide on The Perfect Treehouse Plan



By now, you’ve probably read our previous article and have taken the necessary steps to get approval for your future backyard treehouse! This next part is where you can start planning and see your visions for your treehouse come to life! Treehouses come in different shapes and sizes, so whatever you imagine for your future oasis, we probably have a plan for you!

At Treehouse Supplies, we offer standard treehouse plans and custom treehouse design services to help you build a safe & tree friendly treehouse. Our plans range from a traditional square-shaped treehouse to a hexagon shape to plans that involve two, three, or four trees and more! The plans are filled with tons of treehouse construction tips and advice from basic framing to even a suggested lumber list.  First, look to see if one of our standard treehouse plans is close enough to your tree layout for you to use it as is.  If not, our in-house design crew can help you make modifications to produce the plan you need. Treehouse Supplies has over 20 years of experience helping customers design and build thousands of treehouses, so there is no doubt our team can guide you and make that dream treehouse a reality!  

If our standard plans are not close enough for you to work with, don’t worry, we do full custom designs as well! In addition, we’ll provide you with plans to simplify the build and recommend any treehouse hardware needed to build your project safely.  We are also available with support all during your build, so if you are confused or need a question answered, just give us a call. The Treehouse Supplies staff is here to help and get you moving again. You can reach email us at  Happy Building!

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