Misconceptions and Considerations

Things to know about Treehouse Building

Here at Tree House Supplies(THS) we cater to DIY clients looking to take on a fun and challenging project. The purpose of this article is to clear up some misconceptions and provide some food for thought prior to, and even during your build.

Putting Bolts & Nails in Trees Will Kill Them.

Customer ask all the time will bolting and nailing into a tree cause damage? Of course, any time you drill into a tree there is damage, but healthy trees can respond quickly to compartmentalize around the injured area. Over time, trees will add structural material to strengthen the weak spot and continue to grow and thrive normally. The key is choosing the right treehouse attachment bolts(TABs) and brackets to support your dream.


As my tree grows, will my house end up tilted?

Treehouse 2
TAB installed in a tree

The truth is that if you put a TAB in a tree at 10 feet above ground, then it will always be 10 feet above ground. Tree tissues only elongate at the tips of branches, not in the middle of the stem. So yes, your tree will grow wider, but no, inserted TABs will not “travel up the tree” as is grows taller.

Treehouses Are Dangerous

When built with the proper hardware and techniques, treehouses are no more dangerous than being on a deck or back yard shed. The only exception is that you shouldn’t occupy treehouses during high wind or lightning storms. How do I build with the correct hardware you ask? That is where our THS design team comes in. By sharing your design and site conditions, we can help you plan out your project from start to finish.

Sample Treehouse Plan

Treehouses Never Require Permits


We get this question from clients all over the country and the short answer is maybe or maybe not. Most municipalities do not require permits for tree structures, especially in more rural or country areas. However, some have property line setbacks, a height limit requirement, square footage limitations, and even strict environmental concerns. If you are in doubt, make the call and check with your local township before beginning any treehouse project. The last thing you want to happen is to finish a project and have a local official make you tear it down.

Treehouses Are Only for Kids   

Not anymore! Interestingly enough more and more adults are building treehouses as a vacation getaway spot, a detached home office, a yoga studio, and even a spare guest bedroom. Or even a combination of all three like below!

Treehouse 5

You Can Only Enjoy A Treehouse in Nice Weather

Bring on the snow and rain because the rules have changed! By utilizing modern construction and insulation techniques, a treehouse can be built as a weatherproof year-round residence or home office. They can be complete with plumbing, electricity, climate control, and you don’t need to leave the tree house to be comfortable.

Treehouses Don’t Last Very Long

We design all our treehouses with the health and longevity of the tree as a priority. Long lasting materials such as cedar, mahogany, and pressure treated pine, allow our treehouses to last for 10, 15, and even 20+ years. Support posts can sometimes be added if the tree’s health unexpectedly declines, saving the treehouse. Knowing the timeline of your project is very helpful during the planning stages, and it allows us to make recommendations to make your long-term goals a reality!

Treehouse 7

A Quality Treehouse Is Too Expensive

Not everyone has the same budget when it comes to tree house building, but with sweat equity and careful planning, you can make it happen! We have clients using reclaimed lumber, windows and doors from resale/thrift stores, and even items from garage sales, to make their treehouse unique and budget friendly.

Photo9   CROWE_02_small

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