New Treehouse Hardware Kits!

To accommodate our customer's needs, we have added some new hardware kits on our website.  The main additions are 3 Tree Treehouse Kits, 4 Tree Treehouse Kits, and 2 Tree 2 Post Treehouse Kits.

 Key aspects of the new kits:


  • The key to any multi tree plan is to allow for movement. During times of high wind there is no guarantee the trees will move in the same direction, so you must account for that motion. The bracket and bolt combination in the kits have the correct number of fixed and floating brackets so we have taken the guess work out of the process.
  • Simply calculate the square footage of your platform and choose the correct kit. If you have special circumstances such as two stories, plans to put a hot tub on your platform, or any other out of the ordinary weight additions, email us all your details, and we would be happy to help make recommendations.
  • Each hardware kit comes with a standard Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawn layout showing the platform concept. Your tree spacing, and configuration may not match exactly, but it should provide enough guidance to get your project done. We show where each bolt and bracket are located and how far they are installed in the tree. Sample image below:4_TREE_MINI
  • If you don’t see the kit for your tree situation, don’t panic! Just email us all your information and we’ll either put a custom kit together for you or point you to the right place on our site.
Happy Treehouse Building! – Treehouse Supplies.

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