The Importance of Maintaining A Treehouse

Yearly Wear and Tear

As with any structure, a treehouse will need inspections and maintenance over time. Since treehouses are outdoor structures, they tend to experience wear and tear more quickly than any other type of building. To ensure the safety of everyone who uses your treehouse, it is crucial to inspect it every year so you can stay up-to-date with any repairs that need to be made, ensuring a lifetime of endless treehouse fun for the whole family.

What Should Be Done?

When building a treehouse, you should consider any future maintenance because you most likely want it to last 10-20 years or more. With a routine check-in every year, it can be easy to spot some apparent repairs that need to be fixed. However, there might be problems that can be hard to notice if not carefully examined. We want to make sure that your backyard treehouse can stand the test of time, so here are some aspects of the treehouse to look for next time you are performing  an inspection:

  1. Wood Protection: All wood is susceptible to sun, wind, and water/ice weathering. Applying wood sealers and protective stains every 3-8 years can prolong the life of the wood.
  2. Tree Growth: Most mature trees in North America have relatively slow growth rates. A well-built treehouse will consider future growth. At some point, however, the main beams of the house need to be moved.
  3. Storm Damage: Treehouses hold up remarkably well through storms. The type and extent of damage and repairs needed can vary. It is wise to call a treehouse building company to have someone come and check your build to be on the safe side.
  4. Animal Damage: Sometimes, squirrels, birds, or insects can find ways to nest in treehouses, and various types of damage can occur. Replacing damaged materials and blocking access areas is the way to treat this problem.
  5. Roof Issues: If trees pass through the roof, you should re-waterproof the area every few years. It could be as simple as recaulking as the tree grows new layers of bark. We always use the best, most flexible caulk to extend the life of our work as much as possible. 

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Happy Building!

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