The Importance of Treehouse Attachment Bolts


There are many things to consider when building your dream treehouse.  What tree are you going to use, is it healthy (click here to see our blog on tree health), what size is it going to be, what will it look like, and most importantly, for the longevity of the treehouse and the tree, how are you going to attach it to the tree?  At Treehouse Supplies, we are experts with treehouse plans, materials to use, and the bolts and brackets to build the treehouse.

Today, we will highlight one of our most frequently purchased items, the Treehouse Attachment Bolt (TAB), a mainstay in today’s treehouse industry.  

Treehouse attachment bolts are the most effective and practical means to hold large loads. They are what you would want to use to construct a project that looks professional and can support thousands of pounds among the trees. TABs are made of hardened steel and act as artificial tree limbs on which the prominent structural support members of the treehouse rest or hang. Making sure that the bolts are strong enough to match the design load of your treehouse is one of the most important safety measures you can take when constructing your treehouse. The amount a TAB can hold depends on the tree type, bending moment, bolt placement, and weather. Quality fasteners for tree houses are created to meet two needs: 1) strong enough that they will never fail until long after the wood of the tree falls under the load, if ever, and 2) they perch the tree house main beams several inches from the trunk, which gives trees years or decades of space to increase in girth (growth rate is species-dependent) before the interface of the treehouse and the tree needs to be altered. Our TABs come in several different sizes and are heat treated and powder-coated to the highest standards. 

If you’ve already purchased your TABs or are interested in how to install them, check out our Youtube video. Once you’ve gotten your TABs, you’ll be one step closer to beginning the building process. Also, look for our next blog post, where we will discuss our Treehouse Brackets.

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