Treehouse Supplies introduces the New Heavy Duty Line of Treehouse Hardware

Bigger. Stronger. Tougher.

We have spent countless hours perfecting this line of hardware for the heavy duty builds to ensure safety, durability, and long-term tree health. Forged from heavier steel and crafted to lend more might, the Heavy Duty Line of Treehouse Hardware from Treehouse Supplies is professional-grade.

Heavy Duty Treehouse Attachment Bolts

Our new Heavy Duty Treehouse Attachment Bolts (TABs) are 30% larger than our standard bolts and come in two different sizes. The 3x4 Heavy Duty TAB and the 6x12 Heavy Duty TAB are perfect for your custom treehouses, luxury rentals, treehouse homes, or any time some extra muscle is needed.

Heavy Duty Treehouse Brackets

The new Heavy Duty Pipe Bracket is made of a 50% thicker Steel mounting plate and is 40% larger in size. The new Heavy Duty Floating Bracket is 30% longer and 30% wider to handle your biggest builds.

We've pre-installed the UHMW pad to make installation easier. Both Heavy Duty Brackets come with (2) – ¾” x 5” galvanized lag screws and can be used with any Heavy Duty Treehouse Attachment Bolt.

Drill Bits for Heavy Duty Treehouse Attachment Bolts

Three new Drill Bits accompany our new Heavy Duty Treehouse Attachment Bolts.

The 1-1/2" Ship Auger and 1-5/8" Ship Auger, as well as the 3" Self-Feed Bit feature inside cutting planes that shave the hole radius for clean, smooth holes without pressure.

A hex shank provides a secure gripping surface for the drill chuck.

That’s Heavy Duty. That’s Treehouse Supplies.

We heard you. You need professional quality from a name you can trust. We hope these products can help you with your next project. We are here to help! If you have any questions, send us a message on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, or Visit our Website. Until next time, keep your trees healthy and yourself healthier.

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