GRK Fasteners for treehouse building.
About RSS Screws & R4 Screws

Why RSS Screws and R4 Screws from GRK?

The honest truth is that we haven't found a company that produces better screws than GRK. That is why we make them available to you on this website. The screw designs are patented and they have a few meaningful advantages over regular screws that you would find on the hardware store shelf. In particular, let's discuss RSS Screws and R4 Screws from GRK.

RSS Screws by GRK

The RSS Screws are what drew our attention to GRK in the first place. These self tapping, lag bolt replacements make life a lot easier and save a lot of time. They are a good choice for attaching treehouse brackets to the beams that rest on them. But they are also great in critical places where a lot of tensile strength is needed. Because they are fast and easy to install with no predrilling, the RSS with lengths of 4" to 10" are the best screws for temporary applications such as props or braces.

This video shows how the Structural RSS Screws are installed. These are the best structural screws for various applications for treehouse building.

R4 Screws by GRK

GRK R4 Screw

The R4 screws, with a patented thread design, are an excellent choice for decking. They start easily in wood, leave no mess on the surface, and leave a bright finish. The star drive heads virtually eliminate stripping with less pressure than square or phillips heads. After using them, you won't go back to other styles of screws. R4 screws are great for decking, but they can also work well for multipurpose applications such as some types of wood siding, or railing construction. It's useful to keep them around a treehouse building site in a couple sizes for when you need them.

So take a look at the RSS screws and R4 screws by GRK, and try them out if you're ready for an easier, faster, and stronger experience fastening various parts of your treehouse!