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Tree House Supplies

Treehouse was founded in 2009 to make commercial-grade tree house supplies available to homeowners and professional tree house builders alike. It started when we realized that customers wanted to build projects themselves. So why not offer them everything we already source and help them complete their treehouse dreams?! Over the years, the product line has expanded well beyond tree attachment bolts and hardware to now include heavy duty brackets and TABs, rope, accessories, ziplines, and more! Treehouse Supplies is the most complete "One Stop Treehouse Shop" on the web. Outside of the actual lumber, when you visit Tree House Supplies you can find virtually everything you need to construct a safe, reliable, tree-friendly tree house.

Hardware, Brackets and Anchor Bolts

If you are a seasoned tree house professional, we encourage you to compare the quality of our hardware, brackets and treehouse attachment bolts (TABS). Our hardware is used internationally by many of the best known treehouse builders in the world. Applications range from simple tree platforms and backyard treehouses to elaborate tree houses and commercial zipline canopy tour platforms. Basically, we have attachment bolts and hardware for any type of structure built in a tree.
Tree House Supplies is Your One-Stop Shop!
At Tree House Supplies we value our customers satisfaction and safety. That is why we provide a vast array of tree house resources from the initial plan to the equipment and hardware you need to get it done right. Tree house construction is serious business because it takes special care to build on a living & growing foundation. We encourage you to use the best tree house equipment available, make sure your are fully educated in the best tree house construction techniques and be safe.

Be kind to trees and Happy Treehousing!

- The staff at Tree House Supplies