The Top 10 Must-Have Treehouse Accessories For 2023

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Treehouses have been a go-to spot for kids and adults looking for a hideaway, a refuge, or an escape. But building a treehouse is just half the fun - decorating and accessorizing it is the other, more exciting part. 

To make the most of your treehouse adventure, we have compiled a list of the top 10 must-have treehouse accessories for 2023.

1. Hammocks & Climbing Nets

Netting is a must-have accessory to add a layer of safety to your treehouse. It prevents accidental falls and also gives off a fun, adventurous vibe. You can add netting along the sides of your treehouse, creating a totally immersive experience.

Tree House Supplies offers many different choices for netting. Keep in mind some nets require you to order by the linear foot and some have minimum square footage requirements.


2. Ziplines & Climbing Gear

To up the ante on excitement, ziplines and climbing gear are also must-haves for any treehouse. Both encourage physical activity and give treehouse visitors an adrenaline rush, especially when positioned high up in the trees.

Treehouse Supplies offers a variety on zip line supplies and gear such as zip line trolleys, lanyards and brake blocks.  We also offer a variety of complete zip line kits including basic backyard zip lines up to commercial grade zip line kits.



3. Rope Swings

A rope swing is a classic accessory that any treehouse should have. It's simple, fun, and can entertain your guests for hours. Rope swings go well with almost any treehouse design and also provide a place for a relaxing swing when you need to take a break.

Shop our selection of rope swings and everything you need to install them, tree swing ropes, hardware, and more.


4. Slides

Who wouldn't want a slide attached to their treehouse? Slides are an excellent way to add fun and excitement to your treehouse project. When you add a slide to your treehouse, it never fails to make an impression on visitors.

Slides are great for keeping kids moving in circles... down & up and down & up again. We stock slides that can be assembled yourself and adjusted to platforms of various height.


5. Flagpoles

If you're looking to add a touch of character to your treehouse, consider investing in a flagpole or two. Not only do flagpoles allow you to proudly fly your country's flag, but they also provide a unique opportunity to showcase your personal style.

Our flag poles serve double duty! They can be used as a true flag pole or as a fireman's poles on your treehouse project



6. Rope Ladders

If you have more than one level in your treehouse or want to create a whimsical way to enter and exit your treehouse, rope ladders can add a decorative and functional touch. 

Treehouse Supplied rope ladders are made to length for a popular way to climb up to your treehouse! Choose type of wood rungs and length and that's it!

7. Slacklines & NinjaLines

Slacklines and NinjaLines are great accessories for those who want to practice balance and agility. These can be installed between trees, allowing you to walk or swing through the air.

Shop Slacklines & Ninjalines online from Treehouse Supplies

8. Monkey Hardware Kits

A monkey hardware kit lets you turn your tree into a climbing wall. These kits can be set up in your treehouse for endless hours of fun. With their innovative design and easy installation, these kits are the perfect addition to any treehouse. 

Monkey Hardware Kits are complete, with everything necessary to turn a tree into a climbing wall.

9. Gaga Pits

One accessory that is gaining momentum and is sure to be a hit in 2023 is the Gaga Pit. This unique game involves players dodging, striking, and evading one another in a confined hexagonal court. It's not only a blast to play but provides a healthful dose of exercise.

Gaga Ball is a popular game that is an easy DIY build.

10. Engraved Signs

An engraved sign for your treehouse can add a fun and personalized touch to your secret hideout. Whether it's a "Boyz Keep Out," “Grownupz Keep Out,” or "No Gurlz Allowed," an engraved sign can serve as a playful reminder of the exclusivity of your club. It's also a great way to give your treehouse a unique identity that reflects your personality and style. So why settle for a boring treehouse when you can elevate it with a custom engraved sign that makes it truly yours?

engraved signs for treehouses shop online at

Building a treehouse is already an exciting project, but accessorizing it with the top 10 must-have treehouse accessories for 2023 can make it even more enjoyable. Whether you want to add a touch of adventure or simply create a safe and functional space, these accessories will elevate your treehouse to the next level. So, get started on your project and let your imagination run wild!

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