THE TIMBERELF PLAYGROUND © 1 Tree 2 Post Treehouse Kit

Treehouse Supplies THE TIMBERELF PLAYGROUND  © 1 Tree 2 Post Treehouse Kit
Treehouse Supplies THE TIMBERELF PLAYGROUND  © 1 Tree 2 Post Treehouse Kit
Treehouse Supplies THE TIMBERELF PLAYGROUND  © 1 Tree 2 Post Treehouse Kit
Treehouse Supplies THE TIMBERELF PLAYGROUND  © 1 Tree 2 Post Treehouse Kit
Treehouse Supplies THE TIMBERELF PLAYGROUND  © 1 Tree 2 Post Treehouse Kit

THE TIMBERELF PLAYGROUND © 1 Tree 2 Post Treehouse Kit


Construct an enchanting escape to the trees with our TIMBERELF PLAYGROUND © Treehouse Plan. This 6’ x 12’ treehouse plan provides a versatile and exciting structure you can use while making memories that will last a lifetime. 


The tribeam is the triangle shaped support you see below the platform. The structure supported by the tree on one side, and by 2 posts on the opposite side. The structure extends out from the tree trunk, adjacent to the tree.

This Kit supports: 6' x 12' Enchanted Castle Treehouse Plan | Treehouse Plans & Hardware – Treehouse Supplies

This hardware kit will support a platform or house with dimensions up to 6’x12’ (72 square foot)

  • Qty 2 - 1.25" X 15" Lag Bolts w/nuts

  • Qty 1 - 1-1/4" Pipe Bracket

  • Qty 4 - 5/8" Carriage Bolts w/flat washers, lock washers, and nuts

  • Qty 4 - 10" RSS Screws

  • Qty 4 - 4" RSS Screws 

  • Qty 4 - 6" RSS Screws

  • Qty 1 - Double Knee Brace Bracket

  • T-40 Bit

  • T-30 Bit

NOTE: Kits exclude plans & Lumber

Purchasing our hardware in a kit SAVES YOU 5% vs purchasing pieces individually

You're saving $14 purchasing this hardware in a kit!

 -Some photos were customer supplied and may not fully represent the plans.  The renderings will always be an accurate representation of what the plans will include.

PLEASE NOTE: all treehouse kits that use lag bolts will not ship out until 4/30
Regular price $281.95


Do treehouse plans come with the kits?   

No. Our treehouse plans and hardware kits are sold separately. Why is that? We wanted to give our customers more flexibility and keep the costs in check. Some folks already have their own plans or have purchased plans in the past, so we want to make sure they have the option to just grab the hardware they need. Plus, certain hardware kits work with multiple plans, so selling them separately guarantees you can get exactly the treehouse plan you want. It's all about giving you the freedom to build your dream treehouse your way! 

Do treehouse plans come with a material list? 

Absolutely! All our treehouse plans come with comprehensive material lists. However, some of our plans are designed to span between multiple trees so a full material list will have to be complied based on your specific tree span. Please keep in mind that accounting for waste and potential mistakes may affect the exact amount of materials you need. Additionally, our plans are designed to be versatile and work with different tree sizes. If you have a larger or smaller tree, the material count might vary slightly. For precise board counts, customization is available through our custom design services. Our material lists are useful, and if you find anything missing, shoot us an email, and we'll provide the answers you need.  

Do we have Airbnb rental treehouse plans? 

Looking to create a treehouse rental for Airbnb? While we don't have ready-made plans for large rental treehouses on our website, we've got something even better! Rental treehouses often involve larger designs, permits, and customization to meet your specific needs. That's where our custom design services come in. Our talented team will work closely with you to create a jaw-dropping treehouse that meets all the necessary local and state regulations. Offer your guests an unforgettable and unique treehouse experience that will have them booking again and again! 

Are the plans pdf files or will they be shipped?  

All plans purchased from are delivered electronically in PDF format to the email address we have on file with the order. If you happen to buy our plans from other shopping websites, they may require printing and shipping. If you did not receive your electronic plans within 2 hours of purchase, please reach out to us and we would be more than happy to resend them!  

    How do I access my plans? 

Once you make a purchase, the plans will be delivered to your email as PDF files. If you encounter any issues opening them, you might need to install a free PDF reader on your device. If you require the plans in a different format or if you did not receive your electronic plans within 2 hours of purchase, reach out to us, and we'll do our best to assist you. 

 Looking for custom plans, not sure where to begin. 

Ready to embark on your custom treehouse adventure but not sure where to begin? We offer a range of custom treehouse design packages tailored to the size and scope of your dream treehouse. If you're not sure which package suits your needs, no problem! You can kickstart the process by purchasing an initial consultation. Not only will this get the ball rolling, but the cost of an initial consultation can also be applied to any treehouse design package you choose. Still not sure if a custom package is right for you? Reach out to us, and our team will be more than happy to assist.  

Do treehouse kits come with wood/ how much wood is needed/lumber list?  

Our kits do not come with lumber. They come complete with our specialty—custom treehouse attachment hardware that will take your project to the next level. Not sure what lumber you will need? All of our plans (sold separately) come with a comprehensive lumber and materials list. You can take this list to your local lumber yard or hardware store to get a quote. Sourcing lumber locally not only saves you money on shipping but also allows you to support local businesses while sourcing sustainably. 

Estimate of the wood cost for projects 

Lumber prices vary greatly depending on location, supply, demand, and time of year. Because of that, we cannot estimate the cost of lumber accurately. To ensure you get the best estimate, we recommend purchasing our treehouse plans. Once you have them in hand, take a trip to your local lumber yard, where you can get an accurate quote based on your specific project needs. But hey, we understand that sometimes you just want a rough idea upfront. So, here's a ballpark method to help with your budgeting: Count the number of sheets of exterior plywood siding, consider around 1.3-2 studs per lineal foot of wall, tally up the deck boards or plywood sheets for the floor, and don't forget to include beams and floor joists. Then add an extra 50-100% for incidental pieces. You can then check your local prices for lumber. It's a handy way to get a rough estimate before diving into the full plan purchase.  

How to know what treehouse plan or kit is right for me 

The best way to ensure you choose the right treehouse plan or kit is to contact our customer service through the website. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in finding the correct products, free of charge. If you require a custom design or an adaptation for your specific trees, we offer affordable initial consultations or full treehouse design service packages to cater to your unique requirements. 

What is the minimum tree diameter for your treehouse kits? 

When it comes to single-bolt installations, we generally recommend a minimum tree diameter of around 11" to 12". However, for designs with multiple bolts in a tight area, we suggest a minimum diameter of 16". There are a few issues to consider related to single tree sizes. 

  • Floor Space: Extremely large trees may not pair well with small tree platforms. For example, an 8' octagon treehouse plan built on a 36" diameter tree would only have 30" of deck space, which can feel narrow. 
  • Rotation: All single tree platforms experience some rotation, especially when the platform size-to-tree size ratio is high. A 16' wide platform on a 16" tree will rotate more than on a 32" tree. 
  • Bolts Crashing: Certain designs requiring two TABs set at the same height, in line, on opposite sides of the tree, may experience "crashing" of the TABs in the 14" to 18" diameter range. Staggering the TABs horizontally or vertically can help reduce this possibility. 

But, if you're working with a smaller tree, you do have options! After you purchase your plan and review it, reach out to us! We can then hop on a call to discuss any necessary hardware adjustments or provide alternative installation instructions based on your unique situation 

Do we design freestanding raised treehouses? 

Absolutely! Our full-service treehouse design department can create custom designs tailored to your preferences. We can adapt any of our treehouse plans for ground support or create entirely new plans to meet your requirements. Explore our custom treehouse design options on our website or contact us for a complimentary call to discuss your needs. 

I just purchased custom design time, what’s next? 

Once you've purchased custom design time, we will connect you with one of our designers to schedule your initial consultation. Typically, this work takes place Mon-Fri 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM EST. So, if you purchased on a weekend, we will reach out to you on the coming Monday. If you purchased engineering or another custom design package, we'll connect you with the appropriate expert to address your specific needs and concerns. 

  • Hardware Kits Exclude Plans (unless stated otherwise) & Lumber
  • Free US Shipping on Orders over $350 (Continental US only)

Compatible with

All of the Treehouse Attachment Bolts (TABs) that we offer are based upon the original design specifications by Greenwood Engineering in the Stud Tree Fastener (STF) diagram. Some versions such as the TAB 3x6HP and the TAB 6x9HP are larger, but the machining process and most of the other specs are the same as the original Treehouse Attachment Bolt (TAB 1x6HP) which is very similar to the STF. One difference is that ours are 4 threads per inch instead of 5, which installs faster and grabs the wood better. Please remember that our fasteners do not have weight ratings. The actual weight they will hold depends on the species of the tree, the tree's ongoing health, the distance the load is placed from the tree, the depth to which the collar is installed, whether or not the end of the fastener is backed up higher in the tree with a suspension system, and other design specific factors. Please consult with your professional engineer, arborist, or experienced tree house builder to ensure that you choose the right fasteners for your tree house project. Safety is #1.

Please consult with a qualified professional for advice or training if you aren't sure how to properly install this product. Certain trees may not be suitable for this plan, especially if the tree is not large enough or not healthy enough. A certified arborist should be consulted before building. Treehouse Supplies, Inc. is not liable for improper execution of this plan.

Free Shipping On All TreeHouse Supplies orders over $350*

Order total excluding shipping must be over $349.99. *Free Shipping applies only to the contiguous United States of America and is sent by Fed Ex Ground. Shipping time for Fed Ex Ground is typically 5 business days or less once your order is processed, packed, and picked up by Fed Ex. Orders from the USA West Coast are generally 4-5 business days, while East Coast orders are typically 1-3 business days, depending on the distance from our warehouse to your shipping address. If you need the item sooner than a week, please upgrade the shipping method or call us to discuss options and estimates.

Pickups in Exton, PA, are also available by appointment (for most items in our store).

*Zipline cable orders over 150 lbs, live edge siding, and some other oversized items are excluded from free shipping. These items generally must be picked up or sent by freight carrier. Please contact us for details, verification, or shipping estimates.


We Ship Worldwide!
International orders, Duties and Taxes:

International orders may be subject to Duties and Taxes by the receiving country. These Duties and Taxes are the sole responsibility of the recipient. Since the amount varies depending on the country, TreeHouse Supplies, Inc. is not able to estimate the amount prior to shipping the order. If you have questions about Duties and Taxes, you should contact the appropriate government office in your receiving country and determine the amount you will be required to pay. If you refuse to pay the duties and taxes, the shipping company will deny delivery of your order and return it to TreeHouse Supplies, Inc. If this happens we will deduct the cost of the return shipment from your refund amount. If we receive a bill for duties and taxes unpaid by you the customer, we will invoice you for those fees and you are obligated to pay.

We will not ship to freight forwarding companies. We use Fedex to deliver all of our worldwide shipments.


Window Shipping:

FedEx charges by DIM weight not actual window weight. You can click here to see how they calculate the shipment. So for example: Our 24x36 window's actual weight is 20 lbs, however, FedEx will rate the package at 57 lbs. because the box size is 38" x 8" x 26". Please email us if you have any questions prior to ordering.

Express Order Restrictions:

Express orders must be received by 2pm EST to be guaranteed to ship that day. Express orders received after that time will be sent out the following day. Some exceptions may be made but they are at the sole discretion of Tree House Supplies, Inc. If you have an emergency and need parts delivered by express service, but have missed the cut off time, contact us and we will try to accommodate you. We may charge a fee if the shipment has to be hand delivered to the commercial shipper. The fee is based on a case by case basis. Some products that require customization or special orders are not available for immediate shipping - i.e. Bridge Kits, Rustic Swings. If you are unsure, contact us for clarification.

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