THE BRIDGER-TETON © : 16' Square Treehouse Hardware Kit

Tree House Supplies SKU: KIT-1SQ16
Treehouse Supplies THE BRIDGER-TETON © : 16' Square Treehouse Hardware Kit
16'' Square Treehouse Kit
Treehouse Supplies THE BRIDGER-TETON © : 16' Square Treehouse Hardware Kit
Treehouse Supplies THE BRIDGER-TETON © : 16' Square Treehouse Hardware Kit
Treehouse Supplies THE BRIDGER-TETON © : 16' Square Treehouse Hardware Kit

THE BRIDGER-TETON © : 16' Square Treehouse Hardware Kit

Tree House Supplies SKU: KIT-1SQ16

THE BRIDGER-TETON © hardware kit includes the specialty fastening hardware you need to build a 16' Square Treehouse. It supports our BRIDGER-TETON © : 16' Square Treehouse Plan, to build a treehouse supported by, and enclosing a single tree.

This hardware kit will support a platform or house with dimensions up to 16’x16’ (256 square foot)

  • 2 - TAB 3x9 Bolts w/nuts
  • 2 - 1-1/4" Pipe Brackets
  • 8 - 1-1/4" Single Knee Brace Brackets
  • 8 - 1-1/4" x 8" Galvanized Lag Bolts
  • 16 - 5/8" Carriage Bolts w/flat washers, lock washers, and nuts.

Note: The number of supports under our platforms will vary depending on the size kit you choose.

Below is a 3D Rendering example of what you can build using this Treehouse Platform Kit.

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TAB Finish
  • Are treehouse plans included with the kits?  

Our treehouse plans and hardware kits are sold separately to cater to the needs of our customers. This allows us to better serve our commercial treehouse builders who prefer to purchase plans and hardware separately.

Please feel free to explore our range of plans and kits to create the treehouse of your dreams.

  • Do treehouse plans come with a material list? 

Certainly! Our treehouse plans always include a detailed material list for your convenience. While we strive to make our plans universal for different tree sizes, there may be slight variations in the material count.

We can customize the plan for you if you require precise board measurements, although this may incur additional design costs and time.

If you find anything missing, please contact us; we'll be more than happy to assist you.

  • Do you have AirBnB rental treehouse plans? 

Plans for rental treehouses, whether for AirBnB or VRBO, or other rental platforms, will generally be larger and involve permits and a lengthy design process.

Due to the complexity, we generally need to go through a custom design process for each one to ensure the design fits your trees and is ready to apply for your building permits. 

For these reasons, we do not list the actual plans for large rental treehouses – they must be adapted to fit your trees. Click here to learn about our custom designs: 

  • What format are the plans in? Are they PDF files, or will they be shipped to me? 

When you purchase any plans from, you will receive them electronically in PDF format for your convenience.

Please note that if you choose to buy our plans from other online marketplaces, they may be required to be printed and shipped to your address.

  • How do I access the plans sent to me?

The plans are delivered by email in pdf format. If you need help opening them, then you may need to install a free pdf reader onto your device.

Please feel free to ask us if you need them in another format.

  • I am looking for custom plans, but not sure where to start.

We have options for custom treehouse design packages based on the size and scope of the kind of treehouse you wish to build.

If you don’t know which package to purchase, you can start by purchasing an initial consult that can be applied toward any treehouse design package or by contacting us to help figure out what you need. Click here to get started with custom designs: 

  • Do treehouse kits come with wood? Or how much is needed?

Please note that lumber is not included in the kits.

Our treehouse kits include the custom treehouse attachment hardware, which is the specialized part of our craft that we do better than anyone else.

We include a lumber and materials list, which you can take to your local lumber yard for a quote. 

  • What is the estimated cost of the wood for your projects?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide an exact wood cost estimate due to the frequent fluctuations in wood prices caused by local demand and supply dynamics.

If you still wish to estimate the lumber cost beforehand, you can calculate the number of sheets of exterior plywood siding, estimate around 1.3-2 studs per lineal foot of the wall, count the deck boards or plywood sheets for the floor, and tally the beams and floor joists.

Obtaining a quote based on these calculations and adding 50-100% for other necessary pieces of wood (such as railings, rafters, windows, trim, door, ladder, accessories, etc.) will give you a simplistic idea of how much the budgeting will take.

  • How to know what treehouse plan or kit is right for me?

Contacting us through the website is the best way to talk with customer service to ensure you pick out the right treehouse plan or kit.

Customer service and support are free and included with all purchases, but if you need a custom design or need a plan adapted to your unique set of trees, then we have an affordable initial consultation option or complete treehouse design service packages to choose from.

  • What is the minimum tree diameter for your treehouse kits? 

The minimum tree diameter is generally about 7”-12” for most applications.

However, on single tree designs with multiple bolts in a tight area, the minimum can be up to 18” without modification.

We can usually help you adjust the fastening system if you are working with a smaller tree – we ask that you purchase the plan at least and review it first.

Then we can get on the phone with you to see if any hardware adjustments will be advised or if we can give alternative installation instructions based on your situation.

Additionally, with single tree platforms, there is a rotational force that applies to them all, which is a ratio of the platform size to the tree size.

For example, if you build a 16’ wide octagon on a 16” diameter tree, the tree will hold it up, but we may need to help you address the rotation that will occur from normal movement.

This is doable but not something we can adequately address in an FAQ. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us so we can address your specific situation.

  • Do you design freestanding raised treehouses? 

We have a full-service treehouse design department so that we can design anything.

We can adapt any of our treehouse plans to use ground support or create a new custom treehouse plan to meet your requirements.

To get started, you can look through our custom treehouse design options or contact us through our website to set up a complimentary call to figure out what to buy.

  • I just purchased a custom design. What’s next? 

We will connect you with one of our designers to schedule a time to begin your treehouse design project.

This work will typically happen on business days during Eastern Standard Time. However, once connected, you and your designer will make arrangements.

If you purchased engineering or level 2 time, you would be connected with the appropriate expert to address your needs & concerns.

  • What tree diameter is required for single tree platforms? 

There are three issues to consider related to single tree sizes:

  1. Floor space: Some huge trees do not pair well with small tree platforms. For example, an 8’ octagon treehouse plan built onto a 36” diameter tree will only have 30” of the deck to the flats, which feels narrow.
  2. Rotation: All single tree platforms rotate a little – but this is more noticeable when the platform size to tree size ratio is high. So a 16’ wide platform on a 16” tree will rotate much more than if built on a 32” tree. 
  3. Bolts crashing: for our designs that require 2 TABs set at the same height, in line, on opposite sides of the tree, the TABs could “crash” in the 14” to 18” diameter range. There are ways to stagger the TABs either horizontally or vertically to reduce this possibility. 


  • Hardware Kits Exclude Plans & Lumber
  • Free US Shipping on Orders over $299 (Continental US only)

Compatible with

Kit includes: 2 - TAB 3x9 Bolts w/nuts 2 - 1-1/4" Pipe Brackets 8 - 1-1/4" Single Knee Brace Brackets 8 - 1-1/4" x 8" Galvanized Lag Bolts 16 - 5/8" Carriage Bolts w/flat washers, lock washers, and nuts.

All of the Treehouse Attachment Bolts (TABs) that we offer are based upon the original design specifications by Greenwood Engineering in the Stud Tree Fastener (STF) diagram. Some versions such as the TAB 3x6HP and the TAB 6x9HP are larger, but the machining process and most of the other specs are the same as the original Treehouse Attachment Bolt (TAB 1x6HP) which is very similar to the STF. One difference is that ours are 4 threads per inch instead of 5, which installs faster and grabs the wood better. Please remember that our fasteners do not have weight ratings. The actual weight they will hold depends on the species of the tree, the tree's ongoing health, the distance the load is placed from the tree, the depth to which the collar is installed, whether or not the end of the fastener is backed up higher in the tree with a suspension system, and other design specific factors. Please consult with your professional engineer, arborist, or experienced tree house builder to ensure that you choose the right fasteners for your tree house project. Safety is #1.

Free Shipping On All TreeHouse Supplies orders over $299.99*

Order total excluding shipping must be over $299.99. *Free Shipping applies only to the contiguous United States of America and is sent by Fed Ex Ground. Shipping time for Fed Ex Ground is typically 5 business days or less once your order is processed, packed, and picked up by Fed Ex. Orders from the USA West Coast are generally 4-5 business days, while East Coast orders are typically 1-3 business days, depending on the distance from our warehouse to your shipping address. If you need the item sooner than a week, please upgrade the shipping method or call us to discuss options and estimates.

Pickups in Exton, PA, are also available by appointment (for most items in our store).

*Zipline cable orders over 150 lbs, live edge siding, and some other oversized items are excluded from free shipping. These items generally must be picked up or sent by freight carrier. Please contact us for details, verification, or shipping estimates.


We Ship Worldwide!
International orders, Duties and Taxes:

International orders may be subject to Duties and Taxes by the receiving country. These Duties and Taxes are the sole responsibility of the recipient. Since the amount varies depending on the country, TreeHouse Supplies, Inc. is not able to estimate the amount prior to shipping the order. If you have questions about Duties and Taxes, you should contact the appropriate government office in your receiving country and determine the amount you will be required to pay. If you refuse to pay the duties and taxes, the shipping company will deny delivery of your order and return it to TreeHouse Supplies, Inc. If this happens we will deduct the cost of the return shipment from your refund amount. If we receive a bill for duties and taxes unpaid by you the customer, we will invoice you for those fees and you are obligated to pay.

We will not ship to freight forwarding companies. We use Fedex to deliver all of our worldwide shipments.


Window Shipping:

FedEx charges by DIM weight not actual window weight. You can click here to see how they calculate the shipment. So for example: Our 24x36 window's actual weight is 20 lbs, however, FedEx will rate the package at 57 lbs. because the box size is 38" x 8" x 26". Please email us if you have any questions prior to ordering.

Express Order Restrictions:

Express orders must be received by 2pm EST to be guaranteed to ship that day. Express orders received after that time will be sent out the following day. Some exceptions may be made but they are at the sole discretion of Tree House Supplies, Inc. If you have an emergency and need parts delivered by express service, but have missed the cut off time, contact us and we will try to accommodate you. We may charge a fee if the shipment has to be hand delivered to the commercial shipper. The fee is based on a case by case basis. Some products that require customization or special orders are not available for immediate shipping - i.e. Bridge Kits, Rustic Swings. If you are unsure, contact us for clarification.

We want you to be able to buy with confidence, so we accept returns for any reason according to this policy.

Step 1: Please include your customer name, order number, or a copy of your sales receipt with your return shipment. We need to know how to look up your original order and properly process the return. Receiving a box of parts without knowing which order it comes from is not acceptable.

Step 2: Return products to the address they were shipped from. Make sure you get a tracking number for your return shipment. We are not responsible for return shipments lost by the carrier. Some products on this website are "drop shipped" and must be returned to the manufacturer directly. Return the shipment to where it came from. But most of the products are shipped by us and may be returned to us at

Treehouse Supplies, Inc
208 Welsh Pool Road
Suite 200
Exton, PA 19341

Note: Search engines like Google and Bing may not reflect our current address above. We are not responsible for packages sent to an incorrect location. Please use the above address for all shipments and correspondence.

Please note that some orders are partially fulfilled by us and partially by the manufacturers directly.

Step 3: Refunds are contingent upon inspection of item(s) once we receive it. Once received, we will process the return for refund, credit, or exchange.

Step 4: Your refund will appear on your card statement in about 2-3 days. If store credit, it will become available immediately after we inspect the product.

Exchange: If your product is defective or damaged, please contact us right away and we'll arrange an exchange. If there is an error with your order please contact us immediately (within 5 days of receiving your order) and we will arrange to have the items brought back to us for repair or replacement. Items must be returned unused and undamaged or else we cannot exchange them. The exact mechanics of the exchange may depend on what you ordered and what is wrong with it, so please contact us and we'll try to make it as painless as possible.

Return Shipments:

If you need to return a product or rental item, please package the items securely and send them to the address below. We do not supply prepaid labels for returns. If you are shipping back any powder coated items be sure they are tightly packed so they will not get chipped or scratched during shipment. If the items have to be repaired or re-powder coated, the charge will be deducted from your refund. Be sure to include a copy of your order, your order number, or your full name and address the order was placed under. Fedex would be the recommended carrier for returns since they come to our location each day. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Return for Refund: Returns for refund must be received within 21 days of our shipping date. This means that if you place an order on day 1, we ship on day 2, you receive by day 9 (probably sooner), then you have 7 days to open the box and review product, you send it back on day 16, and we must receive it by day 23. After 21 days, no refunds are given for any reason. Please contact us prior to sending any items back to confirm if you are eligible for either a refund or store credit. We will then issue you a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number to send your items to us. Items returned to us without an RMA number will not be accepted. ***Some items may have less than a 21 day return policy. If so, those items will have a special note on their product pages or will be listed below. If items are sent back and do not qualify for a return or exchange, we will notify you and you will be responsible for any and all costs associated with shipping the items back to you. Items that are left unclaimed for more than 30 days are assumed to be abandoned and become the property of Tree House Supplies, Inc.

Hammocks, Loft, Cargo, Barrier, and Climbing Type Nets:

  • General instructions and net warranties - Unpack your net upon receipt and notify us immediately of any manufacturing defects. If there are any issues they will be fixed or repaired at no cost to you. You must notify us of any defects within 14 days of receiving your net. If you think you have a warranty related issue, we will require photos of your installation and how it is being used to process any claims. Improper use of our nets or improperly installed nets are not covered under any of our warranties.
  • Single layer and barrier nets - While some clients use these for hammocks, we only recommend and warranty them as a vertically mounted barrier net. When used as a barrier net they are warrantied for 1 year against manufacturing defects. There is no warranty when used in any other type of installation.
  • Double Stack hammock nets - Double stack hammock nets are warrantied for 1 year against manufacturing defects when used as a barrier or a hammock net.
  • Cargo Loft Hammock nets - Cargo loft hammock nets are warrantied for 1 year against manufacturing defects when used as a barrier or hammock net.
  • Cargo Climb Nets - Cargo climb nets are warrantied for 1 year against manufacturing defects.

Monkey Hardware Return Policy:

We accept returns for exchange or refund 14 calendar days after delivery of this product. At our sole discretion after 14 calendar days, we will offer an exchange or store credit only. Items must be in "new, unaltered and unused condition". Definition of new, unaltered and unused condition is:

  • without showing signs of wear or damage in any way
  • within 14 calendar days of the delivery date (after 14 days no returns are allowed)
  • must not be a special order or a custom order
  • unless noted that it cannot be returned or has a different return policy time period other than that 14 days noted in that item's particular item description.

Refunds are contingent upon inspection of item(s) once we receive it.

There is a 15% restocking fee for returned kits that are not being exchanged and are not damaged. Kits returned to us AFTER 14 days and WITHOUT contacting us, will NOT be refunded.

Customer is responsible for all return shipping costs.


Spider Swings Policy:

Due to the size of the spider swings, they are very expensive to ship. Some of the FedEx oversize charges can be in excess of $80.00 and that is on top of the regular shipping fees. If you wish to return a spider swing, you are responsible for the cost to ship the swing back. The amount you will be refunded will also have the initial cost of shipping the swing to you deducted from it since FedEx will not refund that money to us. We also will deduct a 15% restocking fee. When you total up the cost to ship the swing back to us and the reduced refund, it may better to keep it. Please read and understand this policy prior to buying your spider swing. There are no exceptions to this policy unless the swing has a proven manufacturing defect. Contact us with any questions prior to ordering a swing or sending a spider swing back.


Return for Credit: If you accidentally ordered the wrong parts, want something different from our store instead, or have missed the 21 day refund cutoff date, then we may, at our sole discretion, issue store credit for your return. However, after 3 months from your order date, no refunds or store credit will be issued for any reason. Please contact us prior to sending any items back to confirm if you are eligible for either a refund or store credit. We will then issue you a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number to send your items to us. Items returned to us without an RMA number will not be accepted. Customer is responsible for all return shipping costs.


Restocking Fees / Shipping Costs

You may not get a full refund if we are not at fault. We may withhold shipping costs and/or apply a restocking fee.

We hold shipping costs because we ship most items for free. When accepting returns where we are not at fault, we will withhold actual shipping costs that we paid to ship your order to you originally.

Restocking Fees are withheld from your return/credit when we are not at fault. The standard fee is 15%. Some products such as zip line parts / kits and windows are 25% due to the sensitive nature of these products. If a powder coated item is returned and it is scratched or chipped, there will be a $15.00 charge per item to re-powder coat it. This will be deducted from your refund.

As an example, if you pay $100 for product and it ships free, then you return it, we will withhold shipping costs, say $17, plus the restocking fee. So approximately $68 would be returned to your credit card. This is what it takes for us to break even on a returned transaction. Customer is responsible for all return shipping costs.


The following Products are not returnable:

  • Custom Designs and/or plans
  • Cut rope or netting is not returnable
  • "Discount Corner" items are not returnable.
  • Custom Manufactured parts that will likely never be resold such as cargo, hammock, loft, and barrier nets.
  • Cable that has been removed from the spool.
  • Used parts if their use changes their condition to not saleable. Examples: Zipline trolleys used once, TABs turned in with a pipe wrench, etc...
  • Carabiners and climbing gear that has left our sight in the industry is considered used and can't be returned.


Contact us immediately if you have questions about returning your items.

If you want to request an exception to this policy, please contact us and we will consider each case separately. Whether or not we make an exception, and the terms of any such exception, will be at our sole discretion. But if you get stuck with something you don't want, it doesn't hurt to ask and we may be able to do something for you. We are real people, not robots or a big corporation.

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